Funder: Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) – ARISE Programme

Duration of Project: 01/01/2022 – 01/09/2022 (9 months)

Lead on Project: The Rediscovery Centre

Other Partners:
FoodCloud, Carrickmacross Toy Library, Roscommon Women’s Network, Northside Community Enterprises, Recycle IT, An Meitheal Rothar, GIY. 

Status: Complete


The ACER project highlights the role and value of Social Enterprises in the Circular Economy in Ireland, through a campaign involving 3 thematic videos alongside a series of short videos, tailored for each partner. The videos focus on how social enterprises, defined in line with the ARISE scheme key messages, are entrepreneurial, impactful and innovative and how they will form a key part of the future development of the circular economy in Ireland.



Although they play an important role in providing services to individuals and communities, social enterprises in Ireland have not yet reached their full potential. There is a general lack of understanding of what social enterprises are, and what they do, which has led to a general lack of awareness of social enterprises in Ireland. The ARISE programme aimed to address this through raising awareness about social enterprise.


Objectives of Project:

The purpose of the ‘Awareness Raising Initiatives for Social Enterprise’ (ARISE) Programme was to help foster a common understanding of the value of social enterprise in line with the Government Awareness Strategy for social enterprise in Ireland. The ACER project specifically aimed to raise awareness of and stimulate dialogue about the role of social enterprise in the circular economy with new audiences e.g. business, innovation and enterprise including policy makers, funders and other actors.


Project Outputs:

Through the project we created eight x 2:20 minute videos showcasing individual social enterprises, as well as three x 2:20 minute overarching videos focusing on the themes of:

  • Introduction to social enterprise
  • Innovation and collaboration
  • Social and environmental impact

The videos can be accessed here


  • FoodCloud
  • Carrickmacross Toy Library
  • Roscommon Women’s Network
  • Northside Community Enterprises
  • Recycle IT
  • An Meitheal Rothar
  • Grow It Yourself (GIY)