Nestled on the ground floor of Rediscovery Centre, our café serves Fairtrade tea and coffee, as well as homemade pastries and other tasty treats.

As with all Rediscovery Centre’s initiatives, The Boiler House Café prioritises sustainability, reuse and the minimisation of waste. Takeaway coffee is only available in reuse cups, plastic and single use items are banned and in the unlikely event of food being left on your plate, all food waste is composted onsite and used to fertilise the garden.

Sit back and enjoy yourself while experiencing some of the centre’s beautiful creations. Explore the book swap, relax in The Snug – one of our Rediscover Furniture team’s marvellous furniture designs reimagined from a headboard, wardrobe, bed frame, table, chest of drawers and a glass door panel. While you’re there, have a look around and see if you can spot what the rest of the upcycled furniture is made from. 

We are particularly excited that the café is participating in Rediscovery Centre’s Food Rescue Café project, funded by EPA Ireland’s Green Enterprise Programme. This year-long pilot project will source surplus food in collaboration with a local store, Buddy’s Farm, and Food Cloud to create a roadmap for surplus food cafés and create some delicious recipes along the way.

Drop into The Boiler House Café from Wednesday to Saturday, 9am to 3.30pm for something delicious and to follow our chef’s surplus food inventions. 

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