Need some greenery in your life? We are lucky to have our own thriving biodiversity garden at Rediscovery Centre – right in the heart of Ballymun. 

Three garden chairs around a wooden table in the garden.

Here, we demonstrate best practices in sustainable gardening. We plant a combination of perennial plants and crops that can be used in our Café. Perennial plants are those that provide harvests for multiple growing seasons. These are beneficial as they don’t need to be planted each year, so soil disturbance is minimised, and soil organisms can thrive!

As we incorporate circular projects throughout our Centre, all food from our Café and staff kitchen is composted onsite. This mighty soil is then spread through the garden, along with our tea and coffee grounds, to enrich our soil. From fork to fertiliser: our garden thrives on composted cuisine!

If you’re looking to explore the magic of gardening and biodiversity, check out our upcoming workshops for children and adults below.